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Ben’s Distribution Center, Inc. Has Been In Business Since 2006

Amazingly, Ben’s Distribution Center, Inc. has been in business for 13 years. We are dedicated to pleasing our customers. Therefore, we have stringent guidelines for maintaining customer relations, which includes our internal guidelines for code of ethics and operational procedures. Just as importantly, our expert operational managers are trained to exceed expectations. Impressively, the team is made up of various industry certified professionals and managers who have experience with the government and private organizations.



Ben’s Distribution Center, Inc. is an information technology M/WBE that specializes in computer hardware/software goods and services. Other specialties include electrical equipment, computer networking, virtual reality assimilation, surveillance equipment and much more. The goal is to educate the future generation and provide high quality products and services to governments, educational institutions, hospitals, the private sector and non for profit organizations.


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175 Walnut Avenue, Suite 302D Bronx, New York, New York 10454, United States

Fax: 866.296.3388

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