CCTV, Security Camera System Integrator

A well-maintained security camera system (CCTV) is necessary to keep your property and everyone on it safe. BDC provides CCTV equipment and supplies, installation, security camera service support and maintenance agreement for small-to-large enterprises, government agencies and education institutions.

We specialize in highline and lowline camera systems tailored to suit our clients’ need.
We do a complete assessment of the property and layout drawing to ensure maximum security and reliability.

We Believe a Superior Security System Goes Well Beyond the Installation.

Products and services are backed by product warranty, warranty service, and include training.

Wireless Management: Network management system involving a high-quality system capable of handling all your environment’s devices.
Remote Management: Monitor and manage your security from anywhere in the world.
Facial Detection/Facial Recognition: Capture and compare a human face to confirm identity via a database of known faces to find a match (Optional)
Access Control: Control, regulate and manage the flow of people and restrict access where there is a need.
Camera Deterrence: Specialized system that deter theft, fraud and other criminal activities. These cameras can warn intruders through voice, siren, and motion-activated strobe lights.
Tech Support: Customer support to assist and correct use of product. It includes planning, installation, training, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Video Surveillance Systems & Solutions

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • IP
  • TVI
  • Cloud based
  • Locally Stored

Cameras and Systems

  • Wired 4K Systems
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Vandal-Proof Cameras
  • Varifocal (Zoom) Cameras
  • Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solutions
  • Wireless Systems
  • Dome Cameras